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111 bhp
93 Nm
Dry Weight
166 kg

Just Fun

The new Monster represents all the essence of Ducati in the lightest, most compact and essential form possible. You can already guess it from the name: Monster, nothing else. 

The recipe is the original 1993 one: a sporty engine, but perfect for road use, combined with a Superbike-derived frame. 

All that you need to have fun, every day.

The new Ducati Monster is pure riding pleasure; a sensation of absolute control. The sporty naked for everyone, which you can to start and grow with, improving more and more each ride until you reach amazing performance.

Bike Colour
Bike Colour
Bike Colour

Ducati Red

Ducati Red with black wheels

Aviator Grey

Aviator Grey with red wheels

Dark Stealth

Dark Stealth with black wheels

Choose your colour