Ducati and MT Distribution present a new line of folding e-bikes

Fri 7th August 2020




  • The range of Ducati electric mobility products is now extended
  • Three new Ducati and Ducati Scrambler branded models developed by the Centro Stile Ducati, which has collaborated with Italdesign on the Urban-E version
  • Ducati folding e-bikes distributed under license by MT Distribution are available on the market since July

After the success of the electric scooters, Ducati and MT Distribution, licensee and commercial partner, present three new models of folding bicycles with pedal assistance.

The folding e-bike line, born from the partnership between Ducati and MT Distribution, is designed for those who want to move around the city without compromising on style and comfort and is made up of three modelsUrban-E, under the Ducati brand, and SCR -E and SCR-E Sport, dedicated to the Ducati Scrambler world.

As for the scooters, considerable attention has been paid to design in the development of the e-bikes, for which the Centro Stile Ducati was responsible. For the Urban-E model, Ducati designers collaborated with Italdesign, to propose a unique model of its kind, with customized components characterized by an original and distinctive style.

The two folding e-bike models dedicated to the Ducati Scrambler “Land of Joy” are available on the market since July, while the Ducati branded e-bike will be available to buy from October.

SCR-E is one of two pedal-assisted bicycle models made with the Ducati Scrambler brand. The fat wheels 20'' x 4'' allow riders to travel with full grip even on rough or off-road sections. The 374.4 Wh battery is fully integrated into the frame and, when fully charged, allows to travel up to 70 km. The frame is in aluminium and is equipped with a deluxe handle with easy-folding technology for a simple and quick closure of the vehicle. The rear lights are integrated into the seat post to maintain a clean and attractive aesthetic line. The LCD display is of the latest generation and mounts a twilight sensor for the automatic switching on of the lights and the detection of the external temperature.

SCR-E SPORT is the sportiest evolution of the SCR-E model, also branded Ducati Scrambler. The full suspension model is equipped with a double shock absorber: front fork and rear spring shock integrated in the frame. The single wall alloy wheels and road tyres give the model a refined and sporty appearance. The enhanced 468 Wh battery is fully integrated into the chassis and can travel up to 80 km.

Urban-E , available in black or grey, is built around the special aluminium frame with easy-folding locking system created by the designers of the Centro Stile Ducati in collaboration with colleagues from Italdesign's Industrial Design division. The handlebar has a fully integrated LCD display in the stem that allows the rider to control all the assistance functions, to check the remaining battery charge and to turn the LED lights integrated in the frame on and off. Designers and developers have worked together to create an e-bike with a clean and linear style. The 378 Wh battery is integrated into the frame and becomes an element of style itself, recalling the motorbike fuel tanks in its typical Ducati red colour and curved shape. The suspension fork, the fat 20" x 4" tyres with Kevlar anti-puncture technology mounted on double wall aluminium rims and the rear mudguard, in addition to accentuating the racing style, ensure maximum riding comfort, even on the most irregular of surfaces.

For further information on the purchase and availability of products, please contact MT Distribution, whose contacts can be found on the website www.mtdistribution.it. A selection of e-bike modes will also be available at Ducati dealers and in the Ducati Shop Online.